How a Cookie Delivery Company Is Battling COVID-19

Disclaimer: Please note, this article is not meant to make light of the current pandemic. We are simply illustrating how there is an opportunity to grow one’s business even during these challenging times.

It is no question that COVID-19 has affected our lives in a variety of different ways. Businesses have closed their doors. Restaurants no longer allow people to dine in house. Entertainment sources such as movie theatres have temporarily stopped operating.

These are very unsure times; life as we know it has been paused on many different aspects. So what can we do? Is there any good that could come out of a situation like this? Well to quote Winston Churchill, “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

One of our clients is an eCommerce based cookie delivery company. Up until the outbreak of this pandemic, they saw pretty consistent results across all their campaigns. Once we got word that the virus was going to cause us to enter a “shelter-in-place” order, we scheduled a meeting with our client to talk about our digital strategy moving forward.

We received word that in-store visits were going to have to come to an end, however, they would still have the opportunity to deliver their delicious cookies to their customer’s doors if they complied with all the new health regulations issued by the local governments.

Our team came together to think of ways this company could make up for some of the losses that would attribute to in-store visits. Together with our client, we came up with the following strategy:

  1. Increased focus on social media campaigns.
  2. Weekly and sometimes bi-weekly emails sent to their audience.
  3. Continue to create new content that keeps customers engaged.
  4. Focus on maximizing sales online through delivery.

Once we had our game plan, we set off to implement it in all its glory.

Our main focus was to help them increase their social strategy. We decided it would be beneficial to tailor each advertisement to speak to current trends that were going on in the US.

For example, when everyone was hoarding toilet paper, we ran the following ad for our client:

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 5.14.28 AM.png

We know it is kind of silly, but the customers loved it. This ad saw purchases for as low as $0.67 and the engagement rate was higher than we had seen ever before. Finding current trends and then adapting social media proved to be a strategy that produced results our client wanted to see.

On top of that, we understood more people would be at home and not know that our client’s in-store visits were now officially canceled. We decided that one of the best ways to inform their audience would be to send multiple emails outlining the new normal for the business.

Since we implemented this new strategy focused on social media, email, and customer engagement, our client saw the following results:

  1. Revenue increased by 25.8%
  2. The number of clicks increased by 34.5% while the CPC decreased by 27.7%
  3. The overall ROAS increased by 54.43%
  4. Email open rate increased by 32.3%
  5. Purchases increased by 20.9%

So why are we sharing this with you? What does a cookie delivery company have to do with your business and the current situation that we are in as a nation?

We know these times are difficult, there is no down playing that. However, that does not mean there are no opportunities for your business to thrive and potentially grow during this global pandemic.

There might be some things that need to be adjusted with your marketing strategy. You might need to move to a more digital platform and focus more on driving people to your website. It might be worth taking a look at your current email marketing strategy.

Whatever the case might be, do not get discouraged. If your business is struggling, take a step back and look at your current marketing efforts and find ways you can improve to be more direct to your customers. The opportunity is there, you just need to find it.

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