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“ These guys changed the way people see me on Facebook. In the first week of using them, they gave me a 14x return on ad spend. ”

— Chunk Cookies


We have learned from thousands of hours what works (and what doesn’t work!) on social media. Advertising on social media is the future of marketing. Unlike traditional “wide net” ad strategies like print and broadcast media, social media allows you to target specific demographics and customers likely interested in your business.

With our social media expertise, we will generate more leads for you, improve sales, have people sign up for your service, get more downloads for your app, introduce your business or expand your presence in the market.

Our team is made up of the highest qualified experts in the field of Instagram and Facebook advertising. Every dollar you spend on ads, we make sure you get the results that you are looking for.

Facebook & Instagram can be used to streamline revenue if properly implemented. By using data to make decisions, we determine how to generate the best return on ad spend and customer satisfaction through paid social advertising.


Instagram advertising allows businesses to post sponsored content on the Instagram platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience. This type of advertising is often utilized to grow brand awareness, website traffic, and to generate new leads and sales.

Photo & Video

One of the easiest ways to grab attention of a potential customer. Photos create interest, speed up processing, and increases engagement within the ads. While videos create validity and sell the story of the business


Carousels can be used to show multiple products in a single ad set. Their capacity to showcase several items in a single ad unit makes them convenient for businesses when simultaneously promoting different products or services.


A collection is exclusive to only mobile placements. A collection ad consists of a cover image or video, followed by several product images making it easy to create interest in products.


Facebook ads are paid messages from businesses that are written in their voice to help reach the people who matter most to them. We create campaigns that house multiple ads that have specific goals each company wants to achieve.

The Feed

The most widely used segment of Facebook and Instagram. The feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, pages and groups that are followed on Facebook.


Create a more personal experience for customers to interact with. We use this feature to promote products or services in depth while maintaining a clean main Instagram page.


This allows advertisers to deliver 5-15 second, non-skippable, video ads to people who are watching Facebook videos on mobile devices.


Messaging ads can be a powerful tool to engage current customers or send information to groups of people who would be more likely to engage with a particular product or service.

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