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Marketing to consumers with the highest intent to buy is always a point of our focus. Showing an ad to someone who has already decided they want your product or service and is actively looking online should be the highlight of your digital strategy.

PPC or pay-per-click, allows your business to show up when a relevant search term is “Googled” allowing you to control who finds you and when.

If your strategy and campaigns are set up correctly you can build a profitable revenue targeted towards consumers actively looking. On the other side a bad campaign can damage your business by uselessly spending ad dollars each month.

A successful campaign requires man hours and attention. Which is why you should talk to Swello. We can help you come up with the right strategy and then build, manage, and tweak campaigns for success.

No other platform on the internet will help you reach more customers than Google Ads. Whether you are a brand new company or one that has been around for years, Swello can help you ride the wave to success.

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With over five different types of advertising, Google ads is by far the best marketing platform to get your service/product out to your target market. Not sure about which platform best fits your business? Take a look below to find out more!


Google Shopping should always be your preferred channel if you have an ecommerce website. Customers have the ability to see a photo of your product along with the price right on the results page. All of these kinds of ads appear either on the very top of the SERP page, or to the right meaning more exposure to your products.

Someone out there is always searching for what you are selling. The best part about Google Shopping is that it gets your products on Google, other people’s websites, and on mobile shoppers.


Google Search has been around since the 90’s, which means they have been gathering data for years to give people exactly what they search for. This type of marketing is great for all different kinds of companies, but is best for services like pest control, commercial cleaning, lawn care, consulting, etc.

Here at Swello, we understand the importance of Search marketing. For years we have been learning and growing to give our clients the most revenue possible through strategizing, adapting, and implementing various types of campaigns.


Display ads are very similar to shopping ads, but the biggest difference is that you can market any product or service on display. You cannot do that for shopping ads. There are different types of display ads such as banner ads, text ads, app ads, and gmail ads.

The main goal of display advertising is to generate impressions- the number of times your audience see your ads. The more exposure you can obtain, the more likely your marketing efforts will be rewarded. Being rewarded from Google means higher rankings and better quality scores



Video Ads for Google is the best way to give your brand exposure and help people see what your business is all about. You can take hundreds of angles when creating videos for your brand. Some options could be educating your potential customers, giving them a quick view of your product/service, or sharing one of your initiatives.

Discovery Ads

This kind of advertisement is non-interruptive which means they do not appear in videos people watch. Most people do not even realize they are clicking on these types of ads, which is a good thing. For the best results, discovery ads should be used to 

target customers in the middle of your sales funnel.

TrueView Discovery Ads appear either in the search results on Youtube, or at the top of the related video section. You are only charged when someone clicks on these ads, and the user is much more likely to watch your entire ad and make a purchase.

Non-Skip Ads

Have you ever watched a video that made you watch a 6-15 second ad before watching the video you searched for? Those are called non-skippable ads. They cost a little more money, but make customers watch the entire ad which can be very 

 beneficial if you are trying to boost awareness.

If you are trying to drive high impressions and views rates, target desktop and mobile users, or pay on a CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) basis, then you’ve come to the right place.

Bumper Ads

Noted as one of the hardest ads to create, bumper ads only allow videos of up to six seconds. Although it may seem impossible to do, these ads can do an amazing job of adding to your message and helping with brand recall and other top-funnel metrics.

Being a non-skippable ad, these ads are catered to mobile users and have been shown to drive a significant increase in brand awareness and ad recall.


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